Kwayzekatz™ 1oz Fine Cut / Grind Canadian Catnip


This years crop from Canada Fine Cut Catnip(no stalks) very Potent.





This seasons Catnip 2017

Very-Potent-no-stalks-sharp bits of wood which can be found in cheaper catnips..

supplied in a ziplock bag.

The pictures supplied are two of our cats with our

Fine Grind/Cut Canadian Catnip

….from the USA…..



Catnip or Nepeta cataria is a member of the Mint family of aromatic herbs. It is a common aromatic herb from the high deserts of North America, and was naturalized in Canada from its indigenous roots in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean.

Catnip contains a chemical compound called nepetalactone; it is this that induces a harmless physiological reaction in the majority of cats.
Not all cats react to catnip, it is all in the genes, if you have a cat that doesn’t react to catnip then consider trying Silvervine or valerian toys.

Catnip can alter a cat’s behaviour or be used to train a cat; cats can become silly then in the next moment affectionate and relaxed. Most cats love their catnip toys, as they provide hours of fun, as they lick, scratch and bunny kick with their back legs. To train or encourage a cat to play with something, simply sprinkle some catnip on a scratching post or rub some on an older toy to rejuvenate it.
Catnip does lose it’s potency, some people recommend storing it in a freezer, it is sensitive to UV light so keeping a stash in a sealed container out of sunlight will normally stay potent for a long time.

it is potent Catnip well our boys like it….

This will drive your cat Kwayze..


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