20 g KwayzeKatz Triple Whammy Mix Catnip Valerian Silvervine Potent Cat Toy


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KwayzeKatz™ Triple Whammy Mix…


What is in this mix

Fresh Fine Grind Canadian Catnip (Latest crop )

Valerian Root


Silvervine Leaves (Asian Catnip)



 Exotic Japanese Catnip (Ma-tat-abi)



Actinidia polygama (also known as Silver Vine )

The Japanese name for Actinidia polygama is (Matatabi)


Silver Vine is the most popular cat treat in Asia

 especially in Japan and China,

where it is found growing naturally in the wild.

 It has been known for generations, that it will provoke ecstatic and euphoric responses in cats.


They are Maine Coons



….please note we have


Our Maine Coons they scream for Silvervine 

when we get the box out of the cupboard

yay a result…..



So the

Triple Whammy Mix they go berserk for….


   The reaction to Silver Vine is very similar to the catnip and Valerian response, though appears to be more intense.

Expect the following behaviours rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking from your cat pouncing and hiding away.

The most active stimulant for cats in Actinidia polygama,

is cyclopentanoid monoterpenes like iridomyrimecin,

which is thought to mimic the feline facial pheromone.

Pheromones are scents that are attractive to others.


Actinidia polygama is close relative to Kiwi (Actinidia indica)

We at KwayzeKatz™ have imported this Matatabi

from an organic farm in the mountains of Wakayama in Japan.

Purchase Matatabi  fruit  leaves/Chew Sticks/Cushions  or body pillows for your feline.



Please note: all cats are different and will respond

differently to Silver Vine.

 Also some cats do not respond to Catnip or Valerian ,

so this could be the answer,

 a way to add some spice to your cats life !

Triple Whammy Mix….


Let your Felines get a taste of the exotic !!!


Treat your Cat or Kitten today!!!!


The Triple Whammy™ Mix…..

it is  very potent  well our boys like it….

supplied in a ziplock bag

Please do not blame us if your cats do not respond to our

Triple Whammy™ Mix

it is out  of our control …

Give your cats and kittens a taste of the good life

 sprinkle a little on the floor >>OR scratching posts,

Give your little darling a buzz, just watch their antics

 and enjoyment when they smell or get a taste.

of this Fresh

  20 g Triple Whammy™ Mix

supplied in a ziplock bag……


Super Strong KwayzeKatz™ Catnip/Valerian and a Double Whammy Sprays
combination of the two above…

Thanks for looking


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