Kwayzekatz™ 6 Catnip Knotties™ Fun Cat Toys (the knot with Catnip in).


6 KwayzeKatz™ Catnip Knotties, made from high quality fleece & Catnip

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6 KwayzeKatz™ Catnip Knotties™

Made from high quality fleece & Premium KwayzeKatz High Strength Catnip.

These are one of those toys your kitty will go Kwayze for (Hence the Name) and they will.

They are cute and compact ideal for kittens or cats alike, they can hug em bat em toss em carry around and sleep with too their Hearts Content!!!!

These catnip knotties™ are sure the drive any catnip loving cat wild with excitement i.e Kwayze

L@@K what Kitty will have

6 Cute Catnip ORIGINAL Fun Knotties™ the Knot full of Catnip size 3 to 5 inches long petite cute knotties™

That pack a punch…Catniptastic.

Catnip knotties are made from
polar fleece.
Each knottie head contains
100% Natural Potent Canadian KwayzeKatz™ Catnip
no fillers
Assorted colours will be sent for Kitty
New designs and colours..

Warning: To be used under the supervision of an ADULT….
Please do not leave these Knotties unattended as your cat will attack them ……and luv it…..


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