6 KWAYZEKATZ™ Silvervine Cat Toy Knotties™



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6 KWAYZEKATZ™ Silvervine Cat Toy Knotties™

Silvervine – Matatabi (Asian Catnip)mellow sweet tang smell

Fleece Knotties: 3~5 inches long assorted colours..

Lucky Dip on colours assorted…


Not all cats react to Catnip (Nepeta Cataria), 85% do react,
for those that don’t react to catnip then
Silvervine Give your little darling a buzz, just watch their anticsĀ and enjoyment

when they smell or get a taste of these
Wonderful Cat Toys

packed with the “Strong Stuff”

We did and they went Kwayze…..

We have 8 Maine Coons
they certainly went wild for the


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