Kwayzekatz™ Canadian Catnip Body Pillow Fun Cat Toys


Catnip Body Pillow Cat Toys Assorted Colours

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The Assorted Collection of Catnip Body Pillows by KwayzeKatz™

1 Canadian Catnip Body Pillow

How can you deny your Feline this Catnip Toy?

We certainly could not, our felines and customers Felines
find them irresistible. Provides endless playful Fun

Cat tested Veterinary approved YES….
The KwayzeKatz Team put their PAWZ UP to these Body Pillows.
size 5-6 inches long x 2½~3 inches wide.approx
Fabric is 100% cotton Kitty Designs they have a high quality Polyester toy filling &
Potent Premium Canadian

KwayzeKatz™ Catnip inside.

Just purr-fect for any catnip lovin’ cat.
Go on Spoil em…….WE DID

Warning: To be used under the supervision of an ADULT….
Please do not leave this Body Pillow unattended as your cat will attack it ……and luv it…..


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