Kwayzekatz™ Silvervine (Matatabi) Body Pillow Cat Toy


KwayzeKatz™ EXOTIC Japanes Silverine Matatabi Body Pillow

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KwayzeKatz™ EXOTIC Japanes Silverine Matatabi Body Pillow

Asian Catnip Fun Toy


We have been asked for Silvervine Body Pillows for your Cats so here they are

Silver Vine is the most popular cat treat in Asia
especially in Japan~and now in the UK
where it is found growing naturally in the wild.

It has been known for generations, that it will provoke ecstatic and euphoric responses in cats.

The reaction to Silvervine is very similar to the Catnip/Valerian response, though appears to be more intense.

Expect the following behaviours bunny kicking rolling~chin and cheek rubbing~drooling and licking from your cat…

The most active stimulant for cats in Actinidia polygama,
is cyclopentanoid monoterpenes like iridomyrimecin,
which is thought to mimic the feline facial pheromone.

Actinidia polygama is a close relative to Kiwi (Actinidia indica)

We at KwayzeKatz™ have imported this Matatabi from an organic farm in the mountains of Wakayama in Japan.

Purchase Matatabi: Sticks/crushed leaves/Cushions/Body Pillows/Knotties™ or Octospiders™ for you feline.


They have bouncy cat toy filler with the
EXOTIC powerful
Japanese Silvervine (Matatabi) leaves inside.


This listing is for ONE Japanese Silvervine Body Pillow

5/6 inches long ..3 inches wide approx


Lucky Dip on design as not many of each
supplied in zip lock bag too keep the freshness in….

So let your Kitty go from Sane to Insane in seconds …

Just Matatabi-tastic …..

They are ideal
toooooo~toss~bat~carry~ roll around
and sleep with.(and they will.)
To their
Hearts Content!!!!!

Special Playful Surprises
for Kats of all sizes..

The alternative Toy for cats that don’t react to catnip, at last another Real Alternative

Go on, your cat will love it!


Body Pillows

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