Kwayzekatz™ Valerian Body Pillow Fun Cat Toy


KwayzeKatz™ Valerian Potent Body Pillow

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KwayzeKatz™ Valerian Potent Body Pillow.

They are the New Catnip Alternative Toy supplied by KwayzeKatz™

Even if your Feline loves Catnip they will love these tooooooo
Best of Both Worlds

What kind of response do cats have to Valerian?
Similar to the response cats have to catnip, you may see any or all of the following:
Rubbing the toy along the face, licking the toy, rolling on the toy,
wrestling, killing the toy held between the paws and back legs,
drooling, hugging and playing n best of all Bunny Kicking…..!

Many cats that don’t react to Catnip
may well enjoy these
They are Pungent Potent and very Popular
in the USA Canada Germany and now in the UK

So let your Kitty go from SANE ToOoOoOoOoO INSANE IN SECONDS….

WITH This Cat Attraction Valerian Aroma (For those mums that have never smelt Valerian before)
please be warned these toyz do half smell..Gorgonzola cheese springs to mind )

KwayzeKatz™ Valerian Aromatic Toys

How can you deny your Feline this Valerian Toy?
We certainly could not, our felines find them irresistible
Provides endless playful Fun
Cat tested Veterianary Approved
Watch your little darlings turn all mellow and loving
Just watch their antics and enjoyment
When they smell or get a taste of these
Valerian Body Pillows

Every Cat deserves to try
Valerian at least once in each of its nine lives!!
Lots of Fun….

Fabric 100% Cotton Kitty Designs
5-6 inches long 3 inches wide approx
with quality polyester toy filling with the most Potent KwayzeKatz™ Secret Herbal VALERIAN mix inside.
They are supplied in ziplock bags for freshness.

We have lots of assorted colours and designs
please allow us to choose for you…..
or state at checkout for boy or girl colours…

The alternative for the cats that don’t react to catnip, at last a real alternative.

Cats love the smell of the KwayzeKatz™ herbal valerian mix, though it is not too pleasant for the human nose.

Go on spoil em We did.

Warning: To be used under the supervision of an ADULT….
Please do not leave this Body Pillow unattended as your cat will attack it ……and luv it…..

In the UK the price you see is the price you pay no hidden costs or postage @ checkout.



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