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Introducing our new revamped website and shop

We are very pleased to announce we have revamped our website and shop. We’ve also made available details of our current KwayzeKatz team.

It will take us a little time as we populate the shop with products, if there is something you’ve ordered in the past and wish to reorder, please contact us to let us know. We will then endeavour to add those products as a priority.

Thank you for visiting

Plus all of the KwayzeKatz


Hello, I’m Harvi-Niks, please allow me to introduce the rest of the KwayzeKatz Team


Firstly, we have Dexter, a Black and Silver tabby Maine Coon


Next, we have Diesel, a Blue Smoke tabby Maine Coon


We also have Ambrose, half brother to Diesel, Ambrose is Cream tabby Maine Coon


Then we have the next three boys, Colby, Jensen and Morgan, they are all Maine Coon boys




Next, we have the two latest recruits to the feline test team, Hamish & Fergus, again little Maine Coon boys



Final member of the test team, is our “outside” man, Findlay who arrived as a small stray kitten, who liked it so much here, he decided to stay. When Findlay arrived he was found in the back garden in a ‘nest’ he had made under a tree. Findlay is extremely choosy about who he allows to pet him, as he is still quite timid.


Finally, we have our two human slaves, Sandra & Ian, who do all the menial tasks.

We the KwayzeKatz team look forward to providing your felines with the best specialised Catnip, Silvervine and valerian cat toys. We hope to provide delight for both you and your cats.